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Our Dedicated Attorney Seeks Justice in Premises Liability Cases

Property owners in Illinois and throughout the United States have what is known as “premises liability.” This is the legal responsibility to maintain a safe environment for all visitors on one’s property and the liability for any economic damages that a guest suffers in an accident on the property caused by the owner’s failure to remove a hazardous condition.

The hazards present on a piece of public or private property can lead to a variety of injuries. Some of these injuries are relatively minor while others can be life-altering. In many cases, the injuries that a victim sustains are expensive and keep him or her from working for a period of time. If you are experiencing a significant financial burden after your accident, consider filing a premises liability claim to recover monetary compensation for your damages. If you were not responsible for your injury, you should not have to shoulder its financial burden.

Examples of Accidents Caused by Hazardous Premises

  • Tripping over an unsecured electrical wire
  • Falling from a broken step;
  • Slipping on black ice or a freshly-mopped floor;
  • Falling into an unmarked sinkhole, pool, or other water hazard;
  • Burns from an appliance or out-of-control fire;
  • Impact from a falling object; and
  • Injury caused by a dark or poorly-lit area of a building or outdoor property.

The types of accidents and their resulting injuries that can happen on an unsafe piece of property are broad. A victim can suffer injuries such as broken bones, scars, burns, lacerations, and brain injuries. If you have been involved in an accident caused by a property owner’s failure to safely maintain his or her property, seek medical attention for your injury right away. After you have received medical treatment, consider filing a premises liability claim.

Duty of Care in Illinois

An issue that often comes up in premises liability cases is known as “duty of care.” This is the principle that states the level of liability a property owner has for a victim’s injury based on the victim’s reason for being on the property.

Social guests and individuals visiting a property to conduct business affairs are granted a high level of duty of care, which means that a property owner is required to remove any hazards on the property that he or she reasonably can remove and clearly mark those he or she cannot remove for guests’ and clients’ benefit. Trespassers, on the other hand, are granted a much lower duty of care. In most cases, a trespasser cannot seek compensation for damages incurred in an accident on a piece of property unless he or she can prove that the property owner intentionally created a dangerous environment.

Premises Liability Attorneys

If you have been injured because of a property owner’s failure to provide a safe environment for you on his or her property, you could be entitled to monetary compensation for your losses through a premises liability claim. To learn more about this possibility and determine if you have grounds for this type of claim, contact a personal injury attorney at The Law Offices of Thomas A. Morrissey at 708-352-3790 today to schedule your free legal consultation with our firm.

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