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Five Ways to Stay Safe at the Pool This Summer

Jul 12, 2016

Summer is coming and in many parts of the United States, the warm weather is already here. For a lot of us, warm weather means it is time to hit the pool to cool off. Swimming pools can be a great source of fun and exercise, but when pool users do not follow the correct safety protocols, they can also be dangerous. A broken pool ladder or unsecured handrail can result in a fall, which can lead to a serious injury. Running on wet tile around the pool can also lead to a slip or fall, resulting in a serious injury.

If you or your child are injured at a swimming pool due to another party’s negligence, you could be entitled to receive monetary compensation for your damages through a personal injury claim. This could be through a premises liability claim, if the pool’s owner acted negligently by failing to remove a hazard from his or her property, or a claim against another party, such as another user of the pool, whose reckless actions caused you or your child to be injured.

Know your Limits in the Water and Those of Other Pool Users

Not everybody swims at the same proficiency level. If you know that you cannot tread water, do not go into the deep area of the pool. If your child is not yet a strong enough swimmer to swim without a flotation aid, do not allow him or her into the pool without the flotation aid.

Have a First Aid Kit Near the Pool

Small cuts and stings can happen in and around a swimming pool. Have a first aid kit available to attend to these injuries. Sometimes, a bandage is all you need for an injury. Other times, addressing it with first aid is an important step to take before seeking more intensive medical care.

Never Allow Children to Swim Unattended

Even proficient swimmers can become fatigued or suffer injuries in the pool due to faulty or broken equipment. Whenever children use a swimming pool, an adult should always be present to supervise them.

Be Sure the Pool’s Filter and Drain are Secured

In 2007, a young girl was severely injured when she sat on an open suction drain that tore out part of her small intestine. A pool’s filter and draining system can be extremely powerful and pose a risk of serious injury to all swimmers, especially small children. If a pool’s filter or drain is not secured, do not use the pool. Discuss the dangers of these parts of the pool with your children.

Obey the Posted Pool Rules

Nearly every public pool has its rules posted somewhere within the vicinity of the pool. These rules generally state the basics, like not to run near the pool and not to dive in the shallow end. Do not dive into a pool that is less than nine feet deep. Diving into water that is more shallow than this can put you at risk of a neck or spinal injury.

Work with a Chicago Personal Injury Attorney

Swimming pools can be a lot of fun, but they can also be the site of a serious accident. If you or your child are injured in a swimming pool accident, whether that accident is a slip and fall on wet tile or a broken ladder or it involves a chemical burn or accident with the pool’s filter, you are entitled to seek compensation through a personal injury claim. Contact experienced personal injury attorney Thomas A. Morrissey of The Law Offices of Thomas A. Morrissey today to set up your initial consultation with our firm. During your consultation, we can answer your questions and determine whether you have grounds for a personal injury claim.













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