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Filing A Claim When Injured In An Accident Involving A Stolen Vehicle

Jul 27, 2021

Usually, when you get into a car accident, you can easily claim compensation. You file the case, and the insurer of the driver at fault compensates for your losses. 

But it is not as easy as it seems to be if the car involved in the accident is the stolen one. The dimensions of the case completely change, and now the issue gets much more complicated. As a result, you need to consider other options to claim for your loss, and ultimately, you need legal assistance to proceed with your case. 

Speak with an experienced accident attorney from The Law Office of Thomas A. Morrissey. We help injured victims navigate the legal system following car accidents and fight to earn our clients the compensation deserved.

What Happens If An Uninsured Driver Hits Me?

In some cases, the driver who hit you in an accident is uninsured. If that’s the case, you need to prove that he was responsible, and for that, you may need some sort of evidence, including photographs, your medical report, etc. 

But if the driver hit-and-runs, then you should immediately report the case to the police. Sometimes, the vehicle involved in the accident is insured but not the driver himself; you may claim your damage compensation and hospital bills from the insurer company in such cases. 

Liability For Damage Caused By Stolen Vehicles

The legal procedures after an accident caused by a stolen vehicle are very complicated. When such accidents occur, two personalities are responsible.

  • The owner of the stolen car,
  • Or the driver.

When the owner fails to insure and maintain the vehicle properly, they are held responsible. Furthermore, if the police find out that the owner and the driver know each other, the owner will be accountable for the accident. 

The driver will be charged not only for the accident but also for the theft of the vehicle. So he has to pay the charges for the damage and also for driving the stolen car. 

Stolen Vehicles Accidents And Filing Insurance Claims

In case of an accident by the stolen vehicle, the victim now has two available options.

  • If you have valid insurance, you can simply make a claim. 
  • Second, you may argue that the owner was negligent in some way.

Usually, if the driver makes a mistake, he knows that he must compensate for the loss. But most of the time, in such accidents, the driver flees away to avoid legal charges. So now you can’t do anything unless the legal authorities apprehend him. 

To compensate for your damage, you must have complete evidence that proves yourself innocent and help in your case. Throughout this time, if you have insurance, you can claim it straight away without further delay. 

File Your Case With The Law Offices Of Thomas A. Morrissey

You face more challenges if you have an accident involving a stolen vehicle. Claiming compensation is hard in these situations. Because sometimes your own insurance company refuses to compensate you. Often, you couldn’t tell who was to blame for an accident;  the driver or the car owner. It just complicates your case. 

If you got hit by a stolen vehicle and are now planning to claim compensation, you should first speak to a Berwyn personal injury lawyer. These kinds of cases are complicated, and only experienced lawyers can help you claim your compensation for the losses. 

To better understand your case, get a free case evaluation with an accident attorney at the law office of Thomas A. Morrissey today. 













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