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The impact of a car accident can leave both vehicles’ occupants seriously injured – and facing considerable physical, financial, and emotional damages. If you’ve been seriously injured in a car accident that was caused by another motorist’s negligence, you might have a difficult path ahead. While you focus on the important work of recovering from your injuries, an experienced Bridgeview car accident attorney will skillfully fight for a claim resolution that covers your losses in their entirety.

Motorist Negligence

Every time we get behind the wheel, we are responsible for driving safely, including driving safely in relation to all the other motorists and the occupants of their vehicles who share the road with us. When motorists fail to uphold this primary responsibility and cause harm to others, they’re negligent drivers who should be liable for the harm and losses they caused. Driver negligence comes in a wide range of dangerous forms that include:

  • Distraction – Distractions draw some motorists’ attention away from the important task at hand, which is driving safely. While distractions come in every shape and size, smartphones are one of the most common and most dangerous forms of distraction.
  • Impairment – Drinking and driving has never lost its status as against the law, but some drivers refuse to take this fact into consideration. Sadly, alcohol continues to play a role in many of the deadliest accidents on our roads.
  • Exhaustion – Being drowsy makes it hard to successfully accomplish any task, and driving safely is no exception. Drivers who don’t take their fatigue into consideration endanger others, as they may lose focus or fall asleep.
  • Aggression – When drivers take their aggressions out on other motorists, they become exceptionally dangerous drivers. Aggression has no place behind the wheel. Aggression tends to manifest as a combination of dangerous driving practices, such as tailgating, darting in and out of lanes, passing on the shoulder, moving too close to the vehicle to the left or right, honking incessantly, challenging other drivers with foul language and obscene gestures, ignoring traffic signs and signals, failing to yield the right-of-way, and much more. The hallmark of aggressive driving, however, is speeding excessively, and speed, as we all know, kills.

Car Accident Damages

A serious car accident is likely to leave you facing serious damages that can include some or all of the following:

  • Medical expenses that can range from emergency care, surgery, hospitalization, and much more
  • Lost wages and the possibility of a diminished earning potential 
  • Pain and suffering that can include wide-ranging psychological consequences

All told, these damages can be devastating if you don’t obtain compensation that adequately addresses the full impact of each category.

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If another driver’s negligence leaves you injured in a car accident, Thomas A. Morrissey at The Law Offices of Thomas A. Morrissey in Bridgeview is a dedicated car accident attorney with vast experience successfully guiding claims like yours toward their most beneficial resolutions. We care about your case, so please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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