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Which Dog Breeds are Most Likely to Bite?
By I Published June 21, 2016I Posted in Dog Bites

Any dog can bite a human if it feels threatened, if the dog is provoked, or if the dog is suffering from a neurological condition that affects its ability to control its aggression. In fact, any animal, domestic or wild, can bite and cause a human …

Common Nursing Home Injuries

When an individual goes to live in a nursing home or assisted living facility, it is because he or she can no longer safely live alone. In most cases, the decision for an individual to move into this type of facility is made by that individual’s …

What if I am Partially At Fault for my Car Accident?

It is not uncommon for a car accident to have multiple causes. For example, a collision caused by a speeding driver might be made worse by the presence of ice on the roadway. It is also not uncommon for two or more of the contributing factors …

Four Common Causes of Car Accidents

Car crashes can happen for many reasons. A driver’s negligence is a common cause for collisions. In addition to negligence causes for car collisions can include weather conditions, vehicle malfunction, and elements of poorly-maintained roadways like uneven pavement, unclear road lines, and potholes. When a car …


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