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Bedsores Can Be a Sign of Nursing Home Neglect

Aug 3, 2020

If you have a loved one in a nursing home, you’ve gone through the difficult process of choosing a facility that you trust to take excellent care of them. If instead, your aging relative is injured by nursing home neglect, it is a terrible awakening that can leave all involved devastated. In fact, if your loved one has bedsores, it can be indicative of such neglect, and you need an experienced La Grange personal injury attorney on your side.


The Mayo Clinic shares that bedsores are another name for pressure ulcers and that they are skin injuries – caused by prolonged pressure – that affect the underlying tissue. These sores often present on the body’s bony areas like one’s ankles, heels, tailbone, and hips. People that are at the greatest risk of developing bedsores are those with underlying conditions that prevent them from freely changing positions or who spend the majority of their time in their chairs or beds – like many residents of nursing homes. 

The signs and symptoms that warn of impending bedsores include:

  • An unusual change in the color and/or texture of one’s skin
  • Unexplained swelling
  • Drainage that is pus-like
  • Tenderness
  • A change in temperature, leaving the affected area either cooler or warmer

Some bedsores never fully heal, which leaves the sufferer at greater risk of serious infection. When bedsores are left unattended and untreated, they can become far more serious and difficult to treat.

The Nursing Home’s Responsibility

The nursing home where your loved one resides is responsible for his or her health and well-being, and if your relative doesn’t have the ability to protect himself or herself from dangerous bedsores, it’s the nursing home’s responsibility to provide this level of care. Bedsores are highly preventable, and no resident of a healthcare facility such as a nursing home should have to endure such a painful and dangerous health concern simply because the staff doesn’t take the time to pay adequate attention to that resident’s ongoing practical care. 

The Nursing Home’s Policies and Practices

If your loved one develops bedsores in a nursing home, it’s very likely that he or she is not receiving adequate care, and you should be concerned. This is a situation where the nursing home’s practices are probably not coinciding with its policies. Immobile and inadequately mobile residents should be appropriately identified, and staff should be alerted to their specific risk of bedsores and be properly trained to help these residents avoid such injuries. When a nursing home fails to reach this level of care, it is likely a case of neglect.  

An Experienced La Grange Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

If your loved one resides in a nursing home, his or her welfare is naturally your top priority. If nursing home neglect leaves your aging relative with bedsores or any other kind of injury, attorney Thomas A. Morrissey at The Law Offices of Thomas A. Morrissey in La Grange has the experience, dedication, and compassion to help. Your case is important, so please don’t hesitate to contact us today.













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