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Avoid a Slip and Fall this Winter

Feb 2, 2016

Some types of injury occur more frequently during certain times of year than others. For example, car accidents caused by drunk drivers tend to occur more frequently during the holiday season because of the increased number of drivers on the road and the alcohol served at holiday celebrations. Burns tend to occur more frequently during the summer months because of the increased use of fireworks, campfires, and backyard fire pits.

In the winter and fall, outdoor slip and fall accidents become more common. This is because once the temperature goes below freezing, snow and ice accumulate on outdoor surfaces and can pose a slipping hazard. Paired with this, fallen leaves become slippery when wet, putting individuals walking through or over piles of leaves at risk of falling and hurting themselves. Slips and falls can lead to serious injuries that can saddle a victim with significant expenses like lost wages, medical bills, and the need for disability aids. If you are injured in a slip or a fall this winter, contact an experienced personal injury attorney to discuss the possibility of filing a claim to seek compensation for these expenses. Do not feel like you need to carry this expensive burden on your own – if somebody else’s negligence caused your injury, seek the compensation you deserve with a personal injury claim.

Where Can a Slip or a Fall Happen?

Slips and falls can happen anywhere that there is a hazard that can cause a victim to lose his or her balance. A few examples of places where slips and falls related to the winter weather can occur include:

  • Outdoor stairways;
  • Sidewalks;
  • Driveways;
  • Yards and gardens; and
  • Parking lots.

When there is snow on the ground, hazards like potholes and uneven pavement that are visible in warmer months can easily be obscured, making it more dangerous for an individual to navigate a parking lot, sidewalk, or roadway. Even when there is not snow on the ground, ice can make an otherwise-safe surface slick, causing unsuspecting victims fall to the ground.

Before filing a claim for injury, however, it is important to understand who can be held liable for a slip and fall injury related to winter weather. Ultimately, property owners cannot be held liable for winter-related slip and fall accidents on their property, unless the hazard presented was an “unnatural accumulation of ice” known to the owner that presented danger. In general, homeowners are shielded from liability involving ice-related slip and falls on their land.

What Injuries Can Happen As a Result of a Slip or a Fall?

A wide variety of injuries can occur as a result of a slip or a fall. Factors like the victim’s overall fitness, the height from which he or she fell, the way the victim landed, and the environment in which the accident occurred can all play into the severity of the victim’s injury.

Some examples of injuries that can occur as a result of a slip or a fall include:

  • Sprains;
  • Strains;
  • Broken bones;
  • Lacerations;
  • Bruises;
  • Head trauma; and
  • Muscle and tissue damage.

Although there is no way to completely eliminate your risk of being injured in a slip or a fall this winter, you can minimize your risk by changing the way you navigate snow and ice-covered paths and walkways. Walk slowly, carefully planning your next step to ensure that you do not step into or onto a hazard that can cause you to fall. If you do fall, hold onto your head to cushion it from impact with the ground. Make use of handrails when they are available to stabilize yourself on stairways.

Work with an Experienced Chicago Slip and Fall Attorney

If you have been injured in a slip or a fall, seek medical attention for your injury as soon as you can. With any injury, it is important that you put your recovery first by getting the medical care you need. Once you have received a diagnosis and appropriate treatment for your injury, contact an experienced personal injury attorney to discuss the next steps toward seeking compensation for your losses through a personal injury claim. Contact The Law Offices of Thomas A. Morrissey today to schedule your free legal consultation with our firm.













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